• Imagine his face as you walk down the aisle…
  • Wear the wedding dress of your dreams…
  • Enjoy your honeymoon with confidence…
  • Take photos you can share with pride…
  • Be the bride you were meant to be…

GET MARRIED ON YOUR TERMS – It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. You have finally found your Prince Charming and he’s asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. You deserve to look and feel your best on your special day. When you look back on your wedding photos, you should feel nothing but pride and joy. And if you aren’t feeling as body confident as you would like, Pure HCG Drops can make all the difference.

LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT THE STRESS – The months and weeks leading up to a wedding are stressful for every bride. It’s why the HCG Diet Plan has been created to fit in with the lifestyles of the Bride-to-Be. Whether you’re getting married next month or next year there is a solution for you.

ENJOY YOUR HONEYMOON – Don’t spend your honeymoon covered up. With Pure HCG Drops you can wear your bikini with pride, knowing that you look good from every angle. And with no major side effects, you can enjoy your new life as a wife without worrying about getting ill. You can follow the Plan wherever you choose to go!

AN OPTION FOR EVERY BRIDE – If you are looking to lose weight for your wedding, we have many options. The HCG Diet Plan can be purchased from the privacy of your own home.You can choose from various packages, including:

43 day Program (up to 15 kgs weight loss)
  • Basic Kit
  • Complete Kit
  • HCG Pellets
  • Ultra Kit (includes maintenance drops and B12)
26 day Program
  • Basic Kit (up to 7 kgs weight loss)
  • Complete Kit
  • HCG Pellets
  • Ultra Kit (includes maintenance drops and B12)

ENJOY WEIGHT LOSS AFTER MARRIAGE – Both HCG Diet Plan options offer a safe and reliable way to lose those extra kilograms. We also have an HCG Maintenance Plan for those who have reached their goal weight and wish to maintain it. The only problem you will face will be taking in your wedding dress so it can fit your svelte new body.